This is a structured financing product targeted at individuals in paid employment, which allows them to access credit solely for the payment of house rent.

By taking advantage of the “Pay my rent” product, customers will have the opportunity of adequately managing their cashflow as the credit facility will allow them repay over a 12- month period


  • Convenient repayment period of up to Twelve months.
  • Turn-around time within 48hours upon receipt of all requirements
  • Can run concurrently with any of our loan products.

The Required documents to bring along are listed below:
  • Last six (6) months’ bank statement showing last six (6) salary entries (endorsed by the bank)
  • Copy of employment letter or Letter of confirmation or Recent promotion letter/salary increase
  • Copy of invoice/rent bill/previous rent receipt
  • NUBAN-compliant postdated cheques from salary account
  • One(1) Recent Passport photograph & copy of staff identification card
  • Copy of pension statement/Tax ID Number
  • one (1) guarantor
  • Recent Utility bill

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