The Fly now Bill me later loan is a structured financing product targeted at
individuals in paid employment, which allows them to access credit from us
solely for the purpose of purchasing travel products offered by reputable travel agencies.

We are in partnership with reputable travel agencies to offer credit facilities that would cover products such as flight tickets, holiday packages, visa processing,
hotel accommodation e.t.c.

By taking advantage of the “Fly Now, Bill Me Later” product, our customers
have the opportunity to adequately managing their cashflows while planning
 for a trip abroad

Features and Benefits
  • Convenient repayment period of up to Six months.
  • Equal Monthly repayment via postdated cheques/direct debit mandate
  • Turn-around time  within 72hours upon receipt of all requirements
  • Affordable non-refundable upfront fee equivalent of the “Bill me later fee” payable upon credit approval.

The Required documents to bring along are listed below:

  • Last six (6) months’ bank statement showing last six (6) salary entries (endorsed by the bank)
  • Copy of employment letter or Letter of confirmation or Recent promotion letter/salary increase
  • Copy of data page of international passport.
  • Evidence of Valid Visa is required for customers who are not processing visas with their travel package.
  • NUBAN-compliant postdated cheques from salary account
  • One(1) Recent Passport photograph & copy of staff identification card
  • One (1) Guarantor
  • Copy of pension statement/Tax ID Number
  • Recent Utility bill

       Contact our representatives:

        0903 741 4749
        0703 369 0590

      Click on the links below to download form and the requirement detail.