Salary Advance NG is an initiative of Addosser Microfinance Bank Limited. At Salary Advance NG we provide financial solutions in form of loans to people in paid employment who may need cash before their next pay day. Covering all locations in Lagos State, our different products which range from the provision of funds for the purchase of household items, to covering your day to day expenses, are designed to keep our customers financially secure when they need cash.

We believe in the utmost satisfaction of our customers, as a result a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. In most cases, loans are granted within 24 hours after all required documentation has been received. 

Our Commitment to you.
Our service is designed to put you in charge of your cash flow, for those occasional times when an unexpected expense catches you by surprise. 

Short-term loan
The salary advance loan is a short-term facility. You must commit to settling your obligation in line with the payment terms. You can then use our service again next time you need quick cash. You also stand to benefit by getting incremental loan subject to your monthly emolument. We are in business when you repay us on time. 

Transparent service
We communicate the total amount repayable including the upfront fees ahead of the execution of the offer letter to avoid any form of controversy or dispute as regards the terms and conditions of the facility.

We place emphasis on building relationships and retaining our clients that have earned our trust by consistently meeting their obligations as at when due. In view of the above, a first time applicant can initially access up to N750, 000.00 for a maximum of six (6) months. Subsequently, upon satisfactory performance as regards timely repayment on your previous facility, the bank will be more disposed to granting higher amount while also extending the tenor with a maximum ceiling of N1.5Million.

Your Commitment to us
We place a lot of premium on timely repayment. We want our relationship to be a trusting one so we spell out the conditions in clear terms and expect that you will abide by them. The loan repayment is tied to your monthly salary and your postdated cheques would be lodged on your salary dates.